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We photograph in both Nashville, Tennessee, and Charleston, South Carolina, and we are available to travel anywhere in the world to capture a wedding or couples session of any kind!

Our ultimate goal and top priority is providing you with images to treasure for generations. With that in mind, both myself and my husband aim to bring only positivity, joy, and love to any and every moment in which cameras are in our hands! You are the reason we get to do what we love for a living and it is an immense treasure to get to serve you on your wedding day.

Whether it is your wedding day or the day of your engagement or anniversary session, there are three words at the forefront of my mind: intimate, carefree, and classic. These three sentiments speak to me in photographs and define my purpose behind telling a love story. I aim to capture two of the three in an image, and sometimes all three happen at once. When we capture two or three of these in a moment, I'm instantly in love with the art you and I have created.

While I'm photographing, it is common for me to use a combination of film and digital cameras, with the focus being primarily on film. My reasoning behind this is intentional: it creates the necessity of slowing down to find the real emotion within a moment. With film, every exposure matters because it cant be easily tossed aside. It has a tangible quality that isn't quite like anything else, and using film makes our time together even more spectacular.

Throughout a wedding day, we will use both digital and film equipment, depending on what the moment necessitates. Additionally, my husband will likely be spending most of his time with the groom and groomsmen, and I with the bride and bridesmaids. The reason behind this is to purposefully capture moments in the best possible way.

Print products of all types make my photographer heart go pitter-patter. When your favorite images form your engagement session and wedding day are in print form, they transform from an idea on a screen to something tangible to remind you of how incredible it is that you get to spend your life with the person of your dreams. Whether you want your favorite images to be hung on your wall or shown off on your coffee table, the products printed with ATP are high-quality, heirloom items that you can treasure for generations to come.